How does it work?

The charts are generated with aggregated statistics from multiple MONARC instances.

More detailed information on the sharing of statistics is provided in the in the documentation.

Want to contribute by sharing statistics?

If you have your own MONARC instance you have the possibility to share some high level statistics with the MONARC community. If you are interested simply contact

What kind of data is involved ?

This dashboard attempts to provide meaningful insights based on the vulnerabilities, threats and risks available through MONARC without any personally identifiable information. Most of this data is already publicly available and bundled with MONARC. To put it simply, this system aggregates, counts and processes different averages in order to display several charts.

How to send stats to ?

A client is provided in order to let you push your stats. A documentation is available here.

What are MONARC objects ?

If you are looking for the MONARC objects you can look at the official MONARC Objects Sharing Platform (MOSP) which is providing an API in order to create and share JSON objects. MOSP can be connected to a MONARC instance.

How to test MONARC and Stats Service ?

You can download the test Virtual machine of MONARC here. A local instance of Stats Service is configured.

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